Our Inventory Clerks

London Home Inventory hires only highly qualified staff. What does this mean? The inventory clerk you book for your property, whether it be a single-bedroom flat, large family house or a multi-storey commercial complex, has been practising the profession for more than five years, has received extensive training to build and improve on his skills and has received all the mandatory certifications by the AIIC. High quality has been our top priority and what you will receive in every instance.


Inventory Clerk Functions and Duties

In order to better understand the full depth of the service, here are the main tasks London Home Inventory employees will perform for you, including but not limited to the following inventory reports:

  • Issue comprehensive reports – property inventory, check in, check out, interim reports among others.
  • Each report consists of both exhaustive written description and a rich body of photographic evidence to account for the current contents and the overall property condition.
  • Generate a personal customer file, which stores every report in chronological order and is immediately updated following a future inventory check.

Furthermore, London Home Inventory has hired professional clerks around the key postcode areas around London and the Southeast, which guarantees that every residential area in the aforementioned territories receives the necessary professional treatment.

For Further Inquiry

You can direct your questions to our official London Home Inventory telephone line. Just dial 020 3746 5603 and you will meet one of our trained support staff to provide you with more information on our company, services and work ethic. If you prefer to receive all this information in an easy to store format, please send us an e-mail through our easy to navigate online booking form.