What Are Tenants Responsibilities

By on Jun 8, 2012 in News | 0 comments

tenant-responsibilitiesWith the beginning of the new tenancy agreement the question of what should be the tenants responsibilities when it comes to maintenance will sooner or later take place. However in most of the cases neither landlords nor tenants are aware of how to resolve this and both parties to agree on who will take care of the property inventory reports and repairs.

So in order this matter to be resolved on the fastest and most favourable for both sides way landlords are putting a special sections in the rental or lease agreement where are described all the tenants responsibilities and the actions which a landlord might take if a tenants did not fulfil preliminary agreed points.

Usually what landlords are trying to assign to tenants are check out report at the end of tenancy, the professional end of tenancy cleaning as well as small repairs. But a tenant should not agree on all this unless it is listed in a rental agreement thus pretty often landlords are taking advantage of tenants trust.

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