How To Choose An Inventory Clerk

By on Jun 7, 2012 in News | 0 comments

invetory-clerkOne of the most difficult parts of the property inventory is the moment when a landlord or a home owner needs to choose the London inventory company or independent inventory clerk who should make the inspection and conduct the report.Even though scheduling inventory inspection doesn’t seems to be a rocket building finding reliable certified inventory provider is a real challenge.

There are couple of things that could help in choosing the right inventory clerk:

  • Always check┬áthe inventory clerk certification
  • Make sure that inventory clerk you are scheduling home inventory with is experienced enough
  • Ask whether the inventory clerk is a part from any kind of professional association such as AIIC
  • Never go for the lower price just because it is cheap, better ask what is included in that price.
  • The last but not less important is to make sure that the inventory report will contain both written and photographic parts, describing in details property contains.

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