Check In Reports and Check Out Reports Are Must for Landlords

By on Jun 15, 2012 in News | 0 comments

check-in-check-outAfter the major changes of the Deposit Protection Scheme and other mandatory legal regulations in the UK the need of professional London inventory services grow significantly. Undoubtedly this was determinate by the obligation every landlord who is going to let his property for long or short term to refer to independent inventory clerk, certified by AIIC or similar organization, who to conduct special check in report at the beginning of the tenancy.

From one side this will protect tenants from pointless deductions from their security deposits and from other it will act as insurance for the landlord that any damage caused by the tenants will be easily marked and subject for payment.
Even though those acts were accepted couple of years ago there are still landlords who are relying that their tenants are not familiar with the legal regulations and won’t ask them for inventory check in report, neither will do a check out report at the end of tenancy, which will allow landlords to keep the deposit.

Assuming from the outgivings of the leading letting agencies check in and check out reports are must not only due to current regulations but also as they will be pretty helpful is a deposit dispute take place.

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