Are Your Tenants Good or Bad?

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good-bad-tenantsLandlords often wonder if they have made the right choice with the current tenants. Even if the tenants have met the screening criteria, there is no chance that they will behave well in the property. (more…)

Smartphone Inventories

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smartphone-inventoriesThe inventory services also became a part of the digital era since several smartphone applications were released recently. (more…)

Who Are The Best Landlords?

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best-landlordAccording to a recent research tenants in London prefer landlords who are flexible and friendly. (more…)

Tenants, Read Carefully Before Signing!

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signing-contractLots of tenants regret that they didn’t read their tenancy agreements carefully before signing them. Some landlords put very tricky points in the contract and if the tenant is not very patient and just skips to the end, he will have troubles later on. (more…)

Tenants Don’t Have to Worry About Deposits Any More

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deposit-disputesUK tenants can finally feel calm about the money they give to their landlords at the beginning of the tenancy agreement. New regulations have been accepted in Scotland which means that now all tenancy deposits within the UK will be protected. (more…)

Check In Reports and Check Out Reports Are Must for Landlords

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check-in-check-outAfter the major changes of the Deposit Protection Scheme and other mandatory legal regulations in the UK the need of professional London inventory services grow significantly. (more…)

What Are Tenants Responsibilities

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tenant-responsibilitiesWith the beginning of the new tenancy agreement the question of what should be the tenants responsibilities when it comes to maintenance will sooner or later take place. However in most of the cases neither landlords nor tenants are aware of how to resolve this and both parties to agree on who will take care of the property inventory reports and repairs. (more…)

How To Choose An Inventory Clerk

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invetory-clerkOne of the most difficult parts of the property inventory is the moment when a landlord or a home owner needs to choose the London inventory company or independent inventory clerk who should make the inspection and conduct the report. (more…)

London Tenancy Inventory Services Beneficial For Both Landlords and Tenants

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inventory-services-benefitsIncreasing number of tenancy agreements in London in the last few months provoke constantly growing demand for professional property inventory services. It should be admitted that despite the fact that inventory reports are required part from every rental and tenancy agreement they serve as a kind of insurance for both landlords and tenants. (more…)