Interim report

Generally rare, interim reports may occur when disputes about the property’s condition arise during the actual tenancy. London Home Inventory provides this special report after careful consideration and thorough inspection. Although, this report doesn’t necessitate the start or the end date of the tenancy, your clerk will need to compare the interim report to the latest issued report to confirm whether there are, in fact, damages and who is responsible. Our clerks are a third party, independent of both the tenant and the landlord, so as the clerk can protect the personal interests of both parties.

What You Receive from Our Interim Report

As with all reports issued by London Home Inventory, your property will receive a service of the highest standard. All clerks have undergone lengthy tutoring sessions to hone their skills to received all necessary accreditation. Furthermore, all staff members have worked in the field for more than five years and have a keen eye when it comes to documenting the conditions of any property type – whether it be commercial or housing.
As a London Home Inventory client, you can expect the following:

  • interim-reportEfficient service
  • Punctual arrival on your premises as specified by the customer
  • Thorough inspection that guarantees for the detailed mapping of every room and open space
  • Photographing your property with a high end equipment, so you can receive high resolution images of your property
  • Flexible working hours
  • Personal delivery
  • Signed copies for your perusal
  • Creating a customer file, which allows for further property monitoring

How to Order an Interim Report Now!

All clients can combine this service with another of our property inventory services and create a custom-tailored service package that fulfils all your needs. For additional information about this option, you can find London Home Inventory support staff waiting on your calls on 020 3746 5603. You can call every day of the week to ask questions, receive a free quotation or book an inventory clerk now. Furthermore, you can reach us through our online booking system, which sends all necessary information in easy to peruse format.