Check out report


Check out reports have gained popularity as the report, which proves whether or not tenants will receive their full deposit back. In terms of importance, it has grown to be the most important report – be it for tenants, landlords or real estate agents. Therefore, London Home Inventory has specialized in the issuing of full check out reports that satisfy every side. This happens through heavy monitoring and a standardization programme, which makes sure your inventory clerk notes the condition of every inch of your property.

Benefits to Requesting a Check Out Report from Us

With London Home Inventory, you have the chance to create a constantly updated client folder, which allows for the natural wear and tear of your property be estimated. You will have on archive detailed inventory, check in, check out and interim reports with easy access to estimate how your property’s value alters. On its own, the check out report has several benefits:

  • Complete photographic documentation of your property, allowing you to track your property’s ageing process
  • Chances to note the natural wear and tear
  • Detect damages caused by the tenants during the period of the tenancy
  • Acts as a legal document in small claims court

In order for damages to be proven, a thorough comparison between the check in report dated prior to the tenants’ arrival and the check out report must occur where any inconsistencies in the clerk’s evaluation pre- and post-tenancy have to be established first. London Home Inventory clerks tasked with conducting check out reports have gone through extensive training, received AIIC certificates and have worked as inventory clerks at least five years.

Get in Touch for Your Check Out Report!

As a general rule, London Home Inventory operates during the whole week, including weekends and bank holidays. This allows flexible scheduling and the ability to service customers at their most convenient times. Call at 020 3746 5603 24/7 to receive more information on our check out report service, receive a free quote or schedule an appointment with an inventory clerk. You can also reach us through email.