Check In Report

check-in-reportAs a landlord or real estate agent, you need a check in report, if you want to make easy business. Check in reports serve as documented evidence as to the initial state of the property before being given to new tenants, whether they are private or corporate clients. The information gathered by the inventory clerk combines a full detailed list of all appliances, furniture pieces and fixtures and photographic evidence to their condition pre-tenancy. London Home Inventory provides these reports both digitally and in print, on demand.


Advantages to Our Check In Reports

Check in reports are traditionally issued after the preliminary inventory reports. London Home Inventory provides special offers to clients, where you have the chance to book both an inventory report and a check in report at a discounted group price. Once you schedule an inspection, here are some of the things you can expect from the service:

  • High resolution images and in-depth descriptions of the property, which then can be used in court to settle disputes
  • Timely arrival
  • The ability to not be present for the duration of the inspection
  • Free delivery of the report, along with all the necessary signature
  • Availability to conduct inspections during weekends and bank holidays
  • A common waiting period of 48 hours to publish and send you the report

Books Us Now!

London Home Inventory provides uninterrupted customer service with support staff available every day of the week around the clock. You can contact us via our telephone number 020 3746 5603 or via email for a free quotation. All you have to do is use our automated online booking form. Once you provide all necessary information, a representative will provide you with an estimate.