Inventory Reports

Working with real estate in one capacity or another demands strict management, including responsible monitoring and documentation. London Home Inventory has developed a portfolio of inventory services to match the needs of anyone with a property on their hands. Landlords, tenants, home owners, letting and real estate agents need inventory reports in one fashion or the next. This has led us to improve and truly specialize in the providing of the following report types.

All London Home Inventory reports have been carried out by fully trained inventory clerks with years working in the field and numerous certifications under the belt. You can read our About Us page to introduce yourself to the company, its best practices and its history with dedication to efficiency and quality performance.

Why Do You Need an Inventory Report?

Inventory reports have become the most crucial tool in the interaction between landlord and tenants to keep both parties honest to each other, but the inventory reports serve varied purposes other than nurturing professional relationships:

  • Reports serve as legal evidence in court disputes
  • Reports are used to decide whether or not tenants will receive their full deposit back
  • Reports allow home owners to track the wear and tear in their properties
  • Reports help assign value to the property based on its condition and attributes
  • Reports contain a full inventory, which then can be used as proof during insurance claims

London Home Inventory is prepared to carry out reports for every situation and keep your personal file updated with multiple copies for your full convenience.